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Julia's Curvelle Success Story Re-Creating My Curves
"I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, and I love my new body! Curvelle helped control my cravings for sugar, gave me just the right amount of energy... and it worked. It really worked!"

—Julia Lacy-Adele
Age 36, mother of three
Morrison, CO

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“Curvelle is different from anything you’ve tried before because it’s the only weight-loss supplement specifically designed for women to work on your inner and outer beauty—to radically change how your body looks on the outside and how you feel on the inside. I love it, and you will too!”

—Jen Hendershott, Fitness International and 2005 Fitness Olympia Champion

Heather's Curvelle Success Story Heather Bear Finds New Love
"I love Curvelle! I have not had low blood sugar when using it, no headaches, and I've had lots of energy. Using Curvelle, I lost seven pounds in the first week, and I wasn't 'cheating' because I didn't want to. So far I've lost 93 pounds of ugly bodyfat, and I feel beautiful."

—Heather Bear
Age 31, Registered Veterinary Technician
Manchester, IN

Read my story: Heather Bear Finds New Love—for herself, her new body, and her new life!

"My friend told me about how great Curvelle is for women. I was skeptical at first, so I bought only one bottle, without telling my fiancé about it. I started taking Curvelle and watching my eating habits and still working out when time allowed. I figured if Curvelle was working, he would be the first to know. On the fifth day, he asked if I had been working out more. I told him not anymore than I had been, but I did start taking a new supplement for women called Curvelle. His comment to me was that my backside looked as good, if not better, than when he met me at 28 years old. Within a week, I noticed my skin is tighter and cellulite free... and my body looks great! After one month, I am down 12 lbs, and I am back to my size 6.

Thanks iSatori for a product that does more than suppress the appetite. I love it for what it does for me from the inside as well. My skin looks and feels better than it has before. Plus, Curvelle doesn't make me feel jittery and has no side effects, and my body looks and feels great! I now take Curvelle to maintain the look I love! I highly recommend Curvelle to every woman!"

—Shannon Erklenz
Age 35
Sales Consultant
Denver, CO

"Hep, hep hurray!

Curvelle is a great product that has improved my skin/hair and has increased my energy level. My bodyfat has been lowered, and this is an accomplishment for someone with high cholesterol and type II diabetes."

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